DISCLAIMER: Online Dog License

**Dog licenses are valid January 1st to December 31st**

Notice to all Credit/Debit Cardholders



Convenience Fee Schedule & Information


A convenience fee (between $1.50 and $2.00, depending on the license) will be charged to you for using your credit/debit card for Dog License application.


If our office were to pay the discount fee and absorb the costs of accepting credit cards, it would mean an increase in our office budget – which directly translates into an increase in taxes/fees for you!  Therefore, we decided to use a 3rd party vendor so that people who wanted the convenience of using a credit or debit card have that option.  Should you choose this option then you pay for the convenience rather than our office passing the discount fee along to all taxpayers.


For your information, our office receives NONE of the convenience fee.  The fee is collected by the vendor to pay the discount fee, plus any additional cost they incur to offer the service.  The vendor has paid for all costs of developing and maintaining each of our credit/debit card programs – at the counter, over the Internet, and via the telephone.  This method of using a 3rd party vendor and charging a convenience fee is widely used throughout the U.S. because it involves no cost to local government.


We thank you for satisfying your obligation through our office regardless of the form of payment.  It is our hope by expanding your payment options that we have been able to assist you.




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