Mercer County Court System

Family Law

The Office of the Family Law Master was established to provide a forum to resolve matters in divorce cases without the necessity of a hearing before a Common Pleas Judge.

Many issues in these cases can be concluded by the parties and their respective attorneys in a settlement-oriented atmosphere that is presided over by a court appointed Master.

The Master is an attorney with a background in family law and a proven ability in dispute resolution. The parties can conclude their cases sooner by using a Master instead of waiting for the availability of a Common Pleas Judge. The Family Law Master effectively allows the Court to forego the need for an additional judge (and the cost of judicial staff). Both time and money can be saved by the parties and negotiated settlements will likely encourage the parties to cooperate for the duration of the case.

The overwhelming majority of courts across Pennsylvania utilize the Family Law Master procedure with either full or part-time Masters.

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