Mercer County Treatment Court

"A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step"

Lao Tzu

Mercer County Treatment Court

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mercer County Treatment Court is to enhance public safety and reduce criminal activity by assisting substance abusers in their struggle to become drug and alcohol free and become productive and law-abiding citizens by establishing a systemic substance abuse response among all agencies in Mercer County involved in substance abuse and co-occurring behavioral health issues.


The Mercer County’s Treatment Court program is an intensive drug and alcohol treatment program that allows offenders to receive treatment and alternative sentencing options in lieu of extended periods of incarceration in a county jail or state prison. The goals and objectives of the Mercer County Treatment Court are to:
  • Reduce criminal recidivism among Substance Abuse Disordered offenders.
  • Increase the number of offenders who remain alcohol and drug free.
  • Increase the benefit and reduce cost to Mercer County for providing services for Substance Abuse Disordered offenders.

Program Purpose

The Mercer County Treatment Court program is designed to provide participants the opportunity to resolve their addiction problems, move beyond criminal behavior, and become a productive member of the community.  It is a voluntary intensive program that requires mandatory treatment for substance abuse disorder and co-occurring disorders, random drug and alcohol testing, frequent appearances before a judge, face-to-face meetings with a supervising coordinator, case management meetings with providers, attendance of support groups/natural supports, addressing identified physical health needs, and completion of required community service.  Participants are also required to obtain employment and/or pursue educational opportunities, participate in appropriate social activities, and pay restitution, court costs, and program fees.

Target Population

Charged with a drug or alcohol related offense or an offense that is addiction-driven,
  1. Not suffering from a serious and/or persistent physical or behavioral health issue that prevents an offender from being amenable to treatment.
  2. Not a user of prescribed controlled substances and/or over-the-counter medications that affect the integrity and accuracy of drug screening and program participation.
  3. Not charged with or convicted of an Ineligible Offense established by the Mercer County District Attorney.



A Structured Program

The Mercer County Treatment Court Program is an individualized program that assists the participants with underlying issues that may be connected to the offense committed. A participant may be in the program from 2-3 years.  There are requirements that participants must accomplish to successfully complete the program.

Treatment Team
Treatment Court is administered by a team of professionals consisting of prosecutors, defense counsel, probation officers, Treatment Court Coordinators and several drug and alcohol/mental health professionals. The Treatment Court Team is under the supervision of Common Pleas Court Honorable Judge Ronald D. Amrhein Jr.
The team meets to review each case bi-weekly to ensure the Participant is receiving the proper treatment and support and complying with the requirements of the program.



Treatment Court utilizes multiple resources in the community to aide participants in improving their lives and that of their families in the following areas:


  • Supportive Housing
  • Job Search/Placement/Retention
  • Educational Needs
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Community Support Services

  • Must be charged with an eligible offense
  • Must be struggling with drug or alcohol issues.
  • Must agree to comply with all treatment recommendations.
  • Must not be eligible for ARD.
  • Must not be charged or convicted of a violent or Sex Offender Registration Notification Act based offenses to be accepted into the program.
  • All applicants will be screened prior to entry by the District Attorney’s Office, Treatment Team and Court of Common Pleas

What to do next?

If you are interested in applying for Treatment Court, you must fill out an application with your attorney. It will then be forwarded to the Treatment Court Coordinators for processing. An intake will then be scheduled to further the process and see if you are eligible. For any questions, please contact the Treatment Court Coordinators:

Aimee Gillispie at (724) 662-3800 ext. 2425


Christopher Thrasher at (724) 662-3800 ext. 2431

Mercer County Treatment Court

 Graduate Quote

“Treatment Court is the only thing in my life that has kept me clean this long. I finally have confidence about staying clean and out of jail for the rest of my future. Treatment Court saved my life.”  L.F