County of Mercer
Sheriff's Office

Commonly Asked Questions





Why is the property being sold?

Properties sold by the Sheriff are mortgage and judgment defaults.  The Plaintiff in each civil action has been issued a judgment against the owner.  In most cases, the Plaintiff is a mortgage company or bank who has not received mortgage payments from the owner of the property. 


How is a property at a Sheriff’s Sale purchased?

The property is sold to the highest bidder.  All bids are verbal. The Plaintiff will be represented at the sale and will open the bidding.  The Plaintiff’s representative may be bidding more or less than the judgment amount.  It is an amount only they know prior to the sale.  


Is a Sheriff Sale a Tax Sale?

No.  For information on Tax Sales contact the Tax Claim Bureau, 724-662-3800 Ext 2233.  


Where do the sales take place and what time do they start?

The Sheriff’s Sales are held at the Sheriff’s Office, 205 S. Erie Street, Mercer, PA.  The sales start at 10:00 AM.  The properties are sold in the order in which they are published. 


Where are the sales published?

The sales are published in The Herald newspaper,, and in the Mercer County Law Journal, Real Estate Sales can be viewed in the Sheriff’s Office or at



How do I find out about liens against the property?

It is strongly suggested you consult with an attorney about any questions you may have with purchasing property at a Sheriff’s Sale.  Professional assistance in property searches may be obtained through Attorneys or Title Searchers to determine possible liens for which the buyer may be responsible.  Buyers beware, the Staff of the Sheriff’s Office is unable to provide legal advice, and the Sheriff is not responsible for a clear title.


Is the property available to be inspected prior to the sale?

No, the Sheriff does not have physical access to the properties listed for sale.  The Plaintiff’s Attorney provides to the Sheriff the description of the Parcel of property.