County of Mercer Recorders Office

Recorders Office Services

The Recorder of Deeds office began recording land records in 1803. All records have been microfilmed for easy access and historical retention. Each day many people visit the Recorder's Office for information pertaining to family history, examining title for real estate conveyances and researching Mercer County 's heritage.


The Recorder's Office records real estate deeds, mortgages, agreements, leases, powers of attorney, financing statements (UCC), easements and rights of way, subdivision plans, agricultural security areas, notary bonds, oil and gas leases, and any other documents that affect real estate.


We also take oaths and record bonds for all notaries in the County. All Veteran's discharges are recorded in this office, and are the only “confidential” files in the Recorder's office. All other recordings are public information. Consumers are cautioned against signing any documents containing social security numbers and/or dates of birth if said document(s) will be recorded in the public record.


We are agents for the Department of Revenue and collect realty transfer tax on all transfers of property, then distribute it to the Commonwealth, municipalities and school districts. We collect approximately six million dollars ($6,000,000) in transfer tax per year.